Leverage former law enforcement officials and Government Databases to stop the piracy of your profits.

At any given moment there are thousands perpetrators leaching profits from businesses just like yours.

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We're your leading authority in brand protection against unauthorized sellers. We have been assisting businesses like yours permenately remove unauthorized sellers on the U.S. Marketplaces for the last 10 years. Our methods have been 95% + successful in helping Global Fortune 100 companies as well as dynamic smaller brands gain and keep control over MAP pricing and Buy Box Control.

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Many unscrupulous sellers will make fake and knockoff products in deliberate attempts to steal your customers through deception.

Unauthorized Sellers

Unauthorized & grey market sellers, acquiring your goods from questionable sources including damaged, defective, used, or stolen, negatively impacting your brand's sales.

Hi-Jacking Traffic

Unauthorized sellers also attempt to get displayed ahead of your own traffic, thus diverting entire streams of buyers away from your products.

How long would your business survive if gross sales were cut in half? That's the reality one of our clients faced. Our job: fix it or the business would die. We're proud to say we helped reclaim 98% of lost sales.

Protecting Your Brand By Reclaiming Profits

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We make unauthorized selling an exceedingly difficult proposition for even the cleverest sellers.


We don't guess. We find and leverage the true identifies of perpatrators across the globe.


We cross-refence a secret database with extensive historicals to pinpoint repeat sellers.

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We get you measurable improvements in profitability. That's good for stockholders, private owners, and you.

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"One of the greatest challenge facing brands is Unauthorized Sellers on channels like Amazon and eBay.  I recommend eEnforce as they provide the highest level of cyber investigation in ways that no other enforcement tool can."

"We have utilized eEnforceā„¢ for enforcement for several of our clients. They are responsive, knowledgeable and effective in gaining control over unauthorized sellers & MAP pricing."

Shannon Roddy, Amazon Expert, Founder

Ryan Mulvany, Executive Vice President


We're trusted by most verticals, including major manufacturers of beauty supplies, health and nutrition, medical devices, shoes, skin care, pet supply goods and countless others. 

At any given moment there are thousands of perpetrators on Amazon leaching sales & profits from businesses just like yours

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